Saturday, January 21, 2012


I apologize in advance, this is a ridiculously long post but I promise there is a surprise at the end...

I got to escape real life and go to Arizona for the three day weekend. It was FANTASTIC! Since the Expo has been out of commission we caravanned with two cars. Even though the drive was about 11 hours it was a blast to spend time with the fam.

We got to Arizona Friday night and got to hang out with my mom's sister Randi and her daughter Averi (Randi's husband Doug got home the next day from California). They were so nice to let us stay with them. It was a blast! It was so fun seeing their house for the first time. Supa cute!



Saturday I went to my cousin Sarah's wedding with my parents. It was so great! Sarah was absolutely GORGEOUS! My grandma made her dress and it was absolutely stunning, that lady amazes me. Greg and Sarah were so cute to watch together. They seem so in love and happy. Greg wrote Sarah a song that still melts my heart. They are seriously talented. I also got to spend a lot of quality time with my cousin Kate. I love that girl! We had some good conversations that day and were a great support to each other... ha so glad you were there Kate!

While we were at the wedding my sibs got to hang out with Randi and Doug all day. They visited the giant baby (weirdest thing I have ever seen) and did a Polar Plunge.

Sunday after church we went to my Aunt Jan and Uncle Brad's house to celebrate my Uncle Lindon's 40th birthday and eat delicious food. I love family!

Later that night we went back to Randi's hung out with them for a bit. The next morning we went to started on the long drive home. This time there were six of us in the little Subaru because my dad and uncle Ken had to head back early. Needless to say it was a crowded ride but still fun. We stopped at some outlets and the Grand Canyon to break it up a bit. 


All in all it was a fantastic trip.