Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh hey remember me...

So pretty much I am the epitome of everything I dislike in a blogger. You know the ones that get you excited to read their blog so you check it like everyday because new blogs in general are just fun, let's be honest. But, alas, THEY NEVER POST! Well yep that's me. So I'm not promising I'll be any better in the future but I thought I'd at least catch you up on whats been going on in my life which is quite a bit considering its been 4 months... my bad.

As far as school goes it been pretty good. The semester is almost over! I can't wait to start fresh! Especially now that I have a better hang of school. I have loved learning in the college setting. My favorite class this semester would probably have to Comparative Politics. Its been so interesting learning about our world and understanding it just a little better.

My family has always been BYU sports followers so its been a lot of fun to actually go to the games in person.

My ward has been awesome! I was lucky enough to be called as a home evening group leader with an great partner , Sterling. Its been a lost of fun.

I have met so many great girls. I love the Stover 2200 girls!

I've also been luck enough to spend loads of time with this little gem. My cousin Kylie and I have been besties since forever so its been so fun to get to spend everyday together if we so desire... which we usually do. She is such an amazing example to me and I love her to bits!

So this picture will not flip around no matter what I do so i just gave up. This is my roommate Lindsey and I. She has been awesome! These pictures are from Harry Potter opening night at 3:20 baby! So worth it! She was Bellatrix and I was Luna.